General Rues

  • Every competitor should have purchased a Full Festival Pass / Competitor's pass in their name
  • The competitor(s) will have to pay the registration before the prescribed due date along with name details
  • The participants are required to be present at the venue (On 5th July) for the championship on time, the schedule for which will be put up on a later date
  • The competitor(s) acknowledge, by registering for the championship, that IIDC, LRDA and it's organizers take no responsibility for any personal injury sustained during the competiton
  • Each category requires at least 5 registrations. In case of cancellation of a category, each participant will be intimated and an approximate refund time for the full registration amount will be mentioned.
  • No props of any kind are allowed for any of the categories (Except Belly Dance)
  • The Prize money will be distributed within 2 months of the event conclusion.

  • Definitions of Divisions

    An Amateur is someone who has been dancing in the particular dance form for 2 years or less. This includes:
  • Casual Social Dancers (2 years or less)
  • Have been learning the dance form for 2 years or less until the date of competition
  • Has no prior experience in the dance form
  • Has never done a paid show or performance in the dance form
  • Semi Professional:
    Anyone who is not an amateur, according to above rules, by default falls under Semi Professional. There is no experience limit on this category. As long as a person is a dancer, in that dance form, on a hobby basis, they are considered semi-professional.

    A dancer who teaches dance full time, or on a professional capability. This includes
  • Being paid to teach regular classes on a full time basis
  • Being paid for choreographies
  • Being the primary recipient for shows and performances which include that dance form
  • Being invited to perform at a Latin event with or without payment
  • Pro-Am:
    This is a category where a Professional partners an Amateur, who are defined as per the above mentioned rules. In this category the professional is not judged for his dancing. Semi-professionals do not fall under the category of amateurs, for this category.

    Team Salsa:
    This is an open level category - Meaning that there is no restriction on the level of the dancers in the group. The following criteria have to be met:
  • A minimum of two couples and no upper limit
  • The music and judging criteria is the same as the couple salsa categories
  • There are no limits on lifts and tricks in the team category
  • The same participant can not be a part of more than 1 team for the championship
  • Same Gender:
    This category has two people of the same gender competing in a partnered or non-partnered routine to Salsa or Bachata music. The rules are the same as any amateur category with regards to lifts and tricks.

    Under 14 Kids
    This category is meant for competitors under 14 years of age.
  • In the case of a solo dancer - he/she must be below 14 years of age to compete in this category
  • In the case of a couple - Both dancers should be below the age of 14 to compete in this category
  • No exception will be made - if both participants in a couple or the solo competitor is below the age of 14, they will have to compete in this category
  • The competitors can use any of the competition styles in this category - Solo or Couple routines in Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba(Including same gender)

    **Classification of one's category, when under question, will be resolved by the organizer
    ** The decision of the organizing team will be final

    Rules And Judging Criteria

    Minimum 80% Latin music to be used in all competitive routines. Minimum duration for a routine is 1 min 30 secs and maximum is 2 mins 30 secs. A soft limit of upto 3 minutes is permissible for Kizomba categories
    The music has to be sent to the organizer on or before 15th June.

    Latin costumes and Latin footwear is a must and non-compliance in this regard will result it marks deduction. Wearing of Jeans or non-Latin footwear will not be permitted. Jazz shoes are also included under non-Latin footwear.
    Barefoot / Foot thongs are allowed ONLY in the Kizomba categories.
    Starting this year, even solo competitors have to follow the Latin footwear rule.

    Definition of Lift: Any move that needs support from partner to keep both legs off the floor, be it 2 inches or 10 feet, fall under the definition of a lift. Same-spot spins, dips, flares and assisted moves which involve at least 1 foot staying on the ground do not get categorized as lifts.
    Semi-professional & Professional category: Maximum 3 Lifts and any number of tricks allowed
    Pro-Am & Amateur Category: No limit on Lifts
    Team Category: No limits on Lifts

    Belly dance Rules:

    The belly dance category is an individual category divided into amateur and professional level.
    The level of the competitor is defined by IIDC’s general classification. Anyone who falls under “Semi-pro”, according to this classification, will compete in amateur.
    Choreography duration: 3-5 minutes
    Choreography style: Open – Any style of Belly Dance (Fusion/Folk etc.,) can be used.
    Props are allowed with the following exceptions:- Live animals, liquids, substances that pollute or otherwise cause danger to their immediate surroundings.

    Scoring Breakup

    Sl No Judging criteria For Couple & Team categories Points
    1 Timing & Rhythm 40%
    2 Choreography (Complexity / Musicality / Originality) 20%
    3 Technique & Execution 20%
    4 Synchronization & Partner Connection 10%
    5 Showmanship / Presentation / Costumes 10%
    Sl No Judging criteria For SOLO category Points
    1 Timing & Rhythm 40%
    2 Choreography (Complexity / Musicality / Originality) 20%
    3 Technique & Execution 20%
    4 Showmanship / Presentation / Costumes 10%
    5 Overall
    Sl No Judging criteria For Belly dance category Points
    1 Technique 40%
    2 Choreography / Musical Interpretation 30%
    3 Stage Presence 10%
    4 Costume / Make up / Presentation 10%
    5 Entrance / Exit / Entertainment Value 10%
  • Notes:
    ** Any violation in the above rules will result in point’s deduction. Participants who enroll and back out of the championship (without valid medical reasons) will be barred from participating in any competitions conducted by LRDA for the next two years
    ** Depending on number of entries the organizing committee will decide whether to have 2 rounds or one.
    ** The decision of the organizers is final when it comes to registrations, scheduling, execution and scoring of the championships