Oliver Pineda will be the head judge across all categories.


  • All contestants are expected to be ready and backstage at the start of the previous category
  • The timings are tentative - if the previous category gets over early, the next one will start
  • Participants are expected to be available through the day, to be aware of timing changes, if any
  • The Organizer or the organizing team will not be responsible for intimating any changes in schedule

  • Start Time End Time Category Judges
    08:00 08:20 Kids Under-14 Cem, Melissa
    08:20 09:00 Pro-Am Cem, Melissa, Andrea, Stefania
    09:00 09:30 Kizomba Open Sara, Ivo
    09:30 10:00 Kizomba Pro Sara, Ivo
    10:00 10:30 Bellydance Deepthi Shetty, Sruthi Kulkarni
    10:30 11:15 Same Gender Fabian, Fania, Andrea, Stefania
    11:15 12:15 Amateur Solo Male Fabian, Fania, Cem, Melissa
    12:15 13:00 Amateur Solo Female Fabian, Fania, Cem, Melissa
    13:00 13:45 Semi Pro Solo Male Fabian, Fania, Cem, Melissa
    13:45 14:30 Semi Pro Solo Female Fabian, Fania, Cem, Melissa
    14:30 15:00 Pro Solo Male Gaby, Estefy, Wilmer
    15:00 15:30 Pro Solo Female Gaby, Estefy, Wilmer
    15:30 16:30 Bachata Amateur Fabian, Fania, Abdel, Lety
    16:30 17:15 Bachata Semi Pro Fabian, Fania, Abdel, Lety
    17:15 18:00 Bachata Pro Gaby, Estefy, Abdel, Lety
    18:00 19:00 Salsa Amateur Cem, Melissa, Andrea, Stefania
    19:00 19:30 Salsa Semi Pro Cem, Melissa, Andrea, Stefania
    19:30 20:15 Salsa Pro Gaby, Estefy, Andrea, Stefania
    20:15 21:00 Team Gaby, Estefy, Cem, Melissa