What is the difference between Full Festival Pass, Freshers Pass and Competitors Pass?

The full festival pass entitles you to all dance activities at IIDC and this includes ALL workshops, pool party, shows, championships and post show parties for all 4 days of the event.

The Freshers pass gives you similar access to the shows and parties, but is restricted to attending ONLY open and beginner level workshops

The competitors pass is meant only for people competing in the Championships @ IIDC. If this pass is purchased and the participant does not take part in the championships, they will have to pay the full difference between the championship pass and the current pass price.

Does the full festival pass (or any other pass) include food at the event?

No. The pass price does not include food. One of the only ways to avail the buffet meals at the venue is by purchasing the coupons at the venue.

All meals are included in all stay packages at the venue. (This does not include the stay options provided out of the official venue)

Which pass should I buy?

If you are a competitor, the obvious option is the competitor’s pass.

If you are more than a year old to the Latin dance scene, we would recommend going for the Full Festival Pass as the beginner and open level workshops might be too basic for your liking.

What are the other passes available for purchase?

There are a few other options, depending on your need:

Party Pass: Allows access to one night of socials/party
Show Pass: Allows access to one night of shows/performances
Evening Pass: Allows access to one night of shows and the party after that
Day pass: Allows access to all workshops, shows and party for that particular day (Does not include pool party, if purchased for that day)
Championship View Pass: Allows access to watch the championship performances on Thursday.

What all does the Venue Stay package include?

Stay package at the venue includes stay for 4 nights, a full festival pass and buffet food (4 breakfast, 4 dinner and 3 lunch) for the duration of the stay.

What all days does the stay include?

The stay is for the duration of the festival.
Check-in would be on Thursday 5th July 2018 and Check-out on 9th July 2018 (morning)

What is the Check-in and check-out time at the hotel (and other stay options)?

The check in time would follow the standard 2 p.m. format, and the checkout would be 12 noon.

However for the competitors and early attendees we would try and accommodate early check in, but this is subject to room availability at the venue and other stay partners.

I am only coming for 2 days. Can I book stay only for 2 days?

Sorry, but our packages are meant for 4 days and we do not have a lesser duration booking because of the way the room allocation has to be done.